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Description: January storm over Jeanette's Pier before she was torn down.

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Name: Woodduck Posted: 9:40 PM on 9/30/2008

Just wonderful!

Name: mrsshroyer Posted: 12:30 AM on 9/26/2008

That is a GREAT photo. The light is amazing. Definatly a winner.

Name: Janet Posted: 1:47 PM on 9/24/2008


Name: Erica (junepath) Posted: 11:42 PM on 9/20/2008

This is beautiful, I love the colors!

Name: summertime Posted: 8:25 AM on 9/19/2008

Love this photo! Would look great framed!

Name: OBXSpook Posted: 10:07 PM on 9/12/2008


Name: sealevel Posted: 6:42 PM on 9/12/2008


Name: sealevel Posted: 6:42 PM on 9/12/2008


Name: Leslie-Md. Posted: 8:11 PM on 9/10/2008

That is one fantastic picture. What a capture.

Name: obxcrew Posted: 8:07 AM on 9/9/2008

this is just beautiful.. frame worthy!!!!!!!

Name: Roanokeis Posted: 9:25 PM on 9/8/2008

Amazing! Beautiful colors. A winner for sure.

Name: Sue Posted: 4:24 PM on 9/4/2008

What a wonderful photo ~ definitely a winner!

Name: tasteysandwich Posted: 9:36 AM on 9/3/2008

Wow! What a great shot! The detail, the Lighting. This is the one to beat. Excellent Job.

Name: Di Posted: 5:09 PM on 9/2/2008

The lighting in this picture is fantastic.

Name: pj103 Posted: 4:19 PM on 9/2/2008

Wow! This is a great picture. It must have been one heck of a storm.

Name: Carrie Posted: 11:27 AM on 9/2/2008

Now that is one of the coolest storm pictures I have seen.